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Quick install
All right, so you want to install SUMO Access Manager.
  • First, go here and download SUMO package.
  • TIP: Before beginning this installation, make sure you have the following information on hand: name of the database 'host' server, your username for database access, and your database password.

    Please also make sure that you have cookies enabled in your browser.

  • Next, unzip/untar all the files and directories.
  • Once you have uploaded the files to the server, you will need to configure SUMO with your specific settings. So, edit the file configs/config.database.php yourself, is not any more difficult.
    (Look here to see an example).
  • From the directory sumo/install/ get the database_<db_type>.sql file to create database tables for Sumo.
    Now run SQL query of this file using your database client, for ex phpMyAdmin.
    So, login to phpMyAdmin. If you do not know where or how to do this, please consult your host.
    In some cases, you may have to choose which database you want. If this is the case, please choose using the dropdown box.
    To run a SQL query, click on "SQL" on the navigation bar.
    Enter the SQL code in the box provided.
    Click "Go".
    If all goes well, your SUMO database will now be succesfully entered.

    NOTE: you must have 18 tables. Remember that old versions of Sumo have different tables, so, I'm sorry but are incompatibles.
  • PHP configuration: register_globals must be off (find your php.ini and change it if necessary).
  • Now, open your web browser and visit SUMO console at this URL:



    http://localhost/sumo/ (if you can access via local network)

    Remember to specify https protocol if use it.

    to login as administrator use:

    user: sumo
    password: sumo

    and go!

    !!! REMEMBER !!! This password is set for you when you first login.
    Please ensure that you change your administrator password as soon as possible and remember to keep it secure.