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Getting Support
Help and support for SUMO is given through the support Mailing List at:


If you have a problem that you are unable to solve yourself, feel free to post on the mailing list regarding your problem. There are many volunteers who help out on the mailing list who will be very happy to help with your problems.

It is understandable, however, that these volunteers often become frustrated when users repeatedly ask questions which have already been answered numerous times before, or are already substantially documented. For this reason, we ask that you follow a few rules when posting support requests:
  • Operate a policy of ‘help yourself’ where possible. Before posting, ensure that you have read from start to finish all relevant documentation, and have tried everything you can think of to rectify the problem.
  • A Google search for a specific error term, will often turn up results, so if your problem is not SUMO specific, try this.
  • When you visit the forums or mailing list archive, search for at least 15 minutes before posting. You will often find that searching the forums for a solution is much quicker than waiting for someone to reply to your question. Thousands of questions have already been answered, and the forums are a great library of solutions to errors and problems. The search function works best with specific error terms and phrases, and with the ‘search for all terms’ radio button checked.
Commercial Support
I offer many commercial support options, so if you need professional support directly from SUMO lead developer contact me.