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SUMO Access Manager
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SUMO 0.5.0

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Protect web pages with easy!
SUMO Access Manager is a security system written in PHP that protect your web applications adding on your source code ONLY ONE LINE OF CODE!

Administrators can manage authentication and authorisation for as many users, groups and security policies with easy, all through a single and intuitive web based interface.

You can create users that can authenticate their password via LDAP, MySQL internal users, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle generic users tables, via popular CMS Joomla and via Google Mail account.

You can run this application on different databases, see supported databases.
And last but not least it's Free Software released under GPL licence.

Latest News
SUMO 0.5.0 released
On 6 Oct 2009 released SUMO 0.5.0.

General improvements:

- Network module rewritten for better scalability.
- More coherence into the user interface.
- Now 100% compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Opera will be available soon.
- Start migration to PHP 5.3/6.0: the function ereg/eregi will be no longer used in favour of preg_match.
- SQL improvements: a lot of queries have been optimized to simplify php code and improve speed.
- The SQL code is now strictly ANSI standard and run correctly into all supported databases.
- Better UTF-8 support: now a lot of chars with accent are allowed.
- Added some system notifications.
- Updated "IP to country" database.
- Speed improvements.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed several bugs on console.
- Fixed bug on registration feature where run with PostgreSQL database.
- Many other minor fixes.
Security Focus
If you find any security problem in this code, please contact me soon!

No security warning found on latest release!
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"Congratulations for putting together such a good and user friendly program."
- W. Van Bladel

"Congratulations for your job, we think is a very good tool."
- F.Morillas

"...It seems very stable, usable and easy to install."
- R.Amaduzzi