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Features and Benefits
With security software design and a lot of features SUMO is a good chosen to protect login process on your web applications.

Web-based Console
You can manage every system aspect through a centralized web-based console that emulate a typical desktop environment using AJAX.

Multiple server support
If you have more than one server with web applications that need login authentication, you can create a SUMO network to manage many authentication servers with unique database (a "cell").
Any server (a "node") have a SUMO Console to administrate and monitoring created network.

Prevent Session Hijacking
Dynamically change the current session id with a newly generated one when user logs in and every about 10 requests.
Useful to improve security by reducing the risk of session-hijacking (is when a hacker get to know a user's session ID, and uses it to pretend he is that user).

Sessions Replication
Usually all PHP applications don't support user session replica, so a session data is unknow between servers and a user cannot switch from each other without a relogin.
In a multiple servers environment, SUMO can create a unique user session between servers and save it on a special database table, so user can switch between servers with easy.

Users and Groups
You can manage advanced users and groups profiles, define security policies for every user. Set account and password expiration, chose differents methods for password authentication (data source), LDAP, Active Directory, Oracle, Postgres and MySQL external servers. Also Unix local users password authentication is supported if web server running as root.
Log Manager
SUMO core have a small IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and complete logging messages system that trapping internal messages (alerts, warnings, notices) and users activity.
It can log data to file and database, or send it via e-mail.
Through Log Manager you can view all regisered messages and make search.
Filter input data
With a special embedded function all input data (methods GET, POST and COOKIE) are filtered from login form. This add protection on your scripts/pages if you don't filter malicious code for Cross Site Scripting attack (XSS).

IP Filter
A filter of IP addresses is embedded (much useful in an intranet network). You can set for every user an IP, or a range of IP's, where it can connect from.
Also, multiple failed login deny others requests from same IP for limited time that administrator can set.

Monitoring Sessions
On Sessions panel the administrator can control users sessions viewing many informations in real time:

- IP, country or intranet area
- browser type
- session timeout
- where is it
- client type
- etc...

Another window show also required connections to the system to monitoring all unlogged visitors.

Multilanguage support
Using a modular design SUMO can support all languages. See supported languages page to know which languages are available in the lastest release.
Theme support
You can chose a skin/theme from themes library for any login page you have, or if you don't like it, you can make your personal theme and use it for your pages.

Export data
From some control panels you can export all data in Microsoft Excel or CSV format with a simple click, for example users and groups list, logs and others data, to manage it with others applications.