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About me
Hello, I'm Alberto Basso. This is website of my first free software project. It contains some info about me and obviously is a home of this project.

I come originally from Switzerland approximately 15.901 days ago, but moved soon in Italy.
Today I live near Reggio Emilia and work in TLC/high-tech/IT sectors. I dedicate my free-time to this and others open source projects.

Among other things... I spending time with my girlfriend Sara, reading, and more...
Programming Languages
Currently, I do almost all of my development with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreQSL, PHP), but I can hack my way around well enough with C/C++ or Java with a little help from Google. I started toying around with Qbasic and DOS when I was 11-12, gradually moved from Basic to Pascal to VB to C and, finally, to the better language for the web: PHP.

I do a lot of development work on GNU/Linux and MacOSX systems, so I use free software and open-source tools whenever I can. I'm a big fan of free software (otherwise better software for better solution).
Alberto Basso
I am currently employed at Banca Intesa as an IBM WebSphere System Administrator (and more...).
I working mainly with this applications server, with AIX, Linux and some others Unix-like platforms.

Previously, I was a web developer for about seven years at Telecom Italia. I worked on IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic on Unix systems (mainly HP-UX and Linux), on Oracle, DB2 on Mainframe and MySQL databases.
I did the back-end coding and architecture for web applications using mainly PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and I also implemented a number of projects designed to increase the value of the web at this company.

Before that, I was a free man.  ;-)
Want to hire me as a freelancer?
If you're looking for an experienced PHP developer and think that my skillset might just be what you need, please contact me to discuss details.