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System Requirements
  • Webserver software of any kind, Apache recommended but run also on Lighttpd very well.
  • PHP scripting language.

    You need PHP 5.0 or newer, with session and database support.

    CURL module if you want authenticate users via GMail account.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite database

    MySQL version 3.23 or newer.

    PostgreSQL version 8.1 or newer.

    SQLite version 2. Don't work with version 3.
  • Web browser with cookies and javascript enabled.
  • An absolute minimum of 17Mb of disk space (24Mb for initial installation).
The Apache webserver can be downloaded from the Apache project at http://www.apache.org
MySQL database software can be obtained from http://www.mysql.com
PostgreSQL database software can be obtained from http://www.postgresql.org
and PHP from http://www.php.net if you are building your own server.

Complete LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platforms are:
  • XAMPP - for almost all operating systems
  • MAMP - for MacOSX