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Create an authenticated page
  • Connect to "SUMO Control Panel", go to URL:



    http://localhost/sumo/ (if you can access to local network)

    Remember to specify https protocol if use it.

    If you can't view a Login page but receive a "SUMO Error" or a blank page see Startup errors guide.
  • (Only if you use multiple SUMO Servers) Add a "Node" to enable external connections, see here
  • Find a page that you whant to protect, for example:


    if your webserver document_root is /var/www/:

  • Find sumo.php file.
    In standard installation on Linux systems you can find it at:

  • Add this line of code on top of page that you whant to protect:


    require '../sumo/sumo.php';   # Add this line

    ... Your PHP code ...


    ... Your HTML code ...

    or specify absolute path:


    require '/var/www/sumo/sumo.php';

    ... Your PHP code ...


    ... Your HTML code ...

  • Login at Control Panel and click to:

    Access Points -> Add Access Points

    Insert Access Point/Page informations with correct path to your php page. In the example access point path is:


    Note: access point path must begin with slash (/).