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Enable/disable user registration
If you want a system to manage users registration, for example a mailing list, you can enable user registration on your web pages (accesspoints).

An integrated system will provide for user registration/cancellation, and (if required) send email notification to administrator when detect accounts modifications.

To enable users registration on an accesspoint (after having created it), you must enable users registration globally first:
  • Click on "Settings" on desktop icon or console menu.
  • Click on "Edit settings" on top of the window to edit SUMO settings.
  • Click on "Accounts" section.
  • Select "Users registration" checkbox to enable this funcion globally.
  • To save new settings click on "Ok" on bottom.
  • Click on "Access Points" list.
  • Select the access point where you want to enable registration from the list.
  • On "Security Options" select "Enable registration" to enable it for this accesspoint.
  • Important:
    on "Users registration group" select the group that users must have when they are registered to it.